Plays written by people with disabilities or about people with disabilities
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Playwrights Theatre announces its Living With Disabilities Category. Part of the New Jersey Young Playwrights Contest, and inspired by its contract with Very Special Arts to teach playwriting to people with disabilities, we are for looking plays written by people with disabilities or about people with disabilities. The writer does not have to be living with a disability to submit to this category.

This category is open to students in Middle School (Grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). It is intended to encourage the creation of plays that can be sent to the National VSA Playwright Discovery Program.

This is not an exclusive category, students can submit to both the NJ Young Playwrights Contest and the Living With Disabilities Category.

Plays submitted to this category only need to meet one of two criteria:

The play is written by an author with or without a physical or other disability.
All scripts must incorporate the subject of disability. A disability is defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of an individual. An impairment is a physiological disorder affecting one or more of a number of body systems, or a mental or psychological disorder. The disability may be visible (e.g., a character who is blind or uses a wheelchair) or invisible (e.g., a character with a learning or developmental disability). Again, plays meeting this criteria do not have to be written by an author with a disability.
If your play qualifies for this category, please check the appropriate box in the NJ Young Playwrights Application form (click here for application page)

Playwrights Theatre may select one of the submitted plays for performance at the NJ Young Playwrights Contest. For all plays submitted, we will facilitate entry into the National VSA Playwright Discovery Program.