Every other year the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA) cosponsors with Playwrights Theatre, a series of readings by the poets, playwrights and prose writers who received Council Fellowships in the previous funding cycle.

The Fellowships, which may be used to support the professional development of the artist, are highly competitive. The awards are granted to New Jersey artists in 14 different arts disciplines (seven in each year) and are awarded solely on the basis of an anonymous independent peer panel review of artistic quality. The program is carried out in partnership with the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.

In the fall of 2002, as part of its overall mission to provide presentation and performance opportunities for Fellowship recipients, as well as other New Jersey artists, the Council partnered with Playwrights Theatre to present the works of the literary fellows in public venues. Generally, poets performed their own works, prose writers had the option of reading their stories of having them read by a professional actor (after rehearsing with a professional director), and playwrights were provided with staged readings of their plays, all at Playwrights Theatre’s home base in Madison. In 2004, Playwrights Theatre began presenting the performances statewide, attempting to have the writers heard in the communities where they lived. In 2008, the fourth round of presentations, a new lead partner, The South Jersey Cultural Alliance, was added.

The program is currently suspended due to funding cuts, we are hoping for it’s return in 2013. When and if that happens, this page will provide information on the artists and their work, dates and times of performances, and how tickets can be purchased.