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New Play Development Script Submission Policies

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Play Submission Policies

Playwrights Theatre regrets it can no longer accept open submissions. Unfortunately, the cost of reading and processing hundreds of scripts far outweighs the benefits, and pulls resources away from our development work. We still accept submissions of entire plays or ten-page samples, but they must meet one of the criteria listed below. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Please also note that we only accept electronic submissions. We no longer accept submissions by mail. Submission instructions follow.

If you are familiar with our policies, you can begin the submission process by clicking here.

We accept electronic submissions of full playscripts that meet the following criteria:

  • You are a writer who in the past had a play developed in some phase of Playwrights Theatre's New Play Development Program.    
  • You are an agent at a recognized literary agency.


  • You have been invited by a Playwrights Theatre Artistic or Administrative Staff Member to submit. 
  • You have been invited to submit by a professional theatre artist or administrator who has worked at Playwrights Theatre (playwright, actor, director, designer, stage manager, member of administrative staff). You will be asked to reference that person and provide their e-mail address as part of the submission process. We will check the reference before accepting the script.  
  • You are a either a writer who has had a play developed/presented at one of the theatres of the New Jersey Theatre Alliance (NJTA) or are an Artistic/Literary head of a NJTA theatre. 
  • You are either a writer who has had a play developed/presented at one of the theatres of the National New Play Network or are an Artistic/Literary head of an NNPN Theatre.
  • You either work as, or were suggested to submit by, the Artistic Director, Associate Artistic Director, or Literary Manager (or equivalent position) at a Professional Theatre. In the case of a recommendation, a note from that person must accompany the submission, as well as their e-mail address. Again, we will check the reference before accepting the script.  

We will accept electronic Ten-Page submissions from:

  • Any of the categories mentioned above.
  • Recent Graduates (past two years) of recognized MFA Playwriting Programs. We reserve the right to limit sumissions to 25 writers per year (July 1-June 30)  
  • Recent graduates (past two years) of recognized undergraduate Playwriting Programs (or Playwriting Major). In this category, there will only be an open submission window of two-months per year (June-July), and we reserve the right to limit submissions in this category to 25.

If you are a New Jersey student, grades 4-12, you are welcome to submit your play to the New Jersey Young Playwrights Contest, to see guidelines on our website, click here.

We do not currently have a program for young writers (grades 4-12) residing outside of New Jersey.

If you do not fit any of the above categories, but are having your work performed or read, feel free to send a postcard or e-mail.


Play Submission Procedures

Playwrights Theatre will only accept electronic submissions of plays (or ten page samples) that meet our criteria listed above. This is a two step process: the first requires filling out an online form, which will provide us information about the author and the play. The second requires you to send us an e-mail with the following:

  • The Play (or ten-page sample). We require that you submit the industry standard title page and the industry standard character/time/place page with the script or the ten-page sample. We will not review scripts that are missing these pages.
  • A Brief Synopsis (not a marketing blurb, something that gives a sense of what happens in the play)
  • A Brief Biography
  • A Listing of Works and their Production/Development History
  • Production/Development History of the Play (if any)

Please try to send all of the above documents as .pdf files, as we find this preserves pagination and formatting in the manner you intended. If that is not possible, then .doc or .rtf files will suffice. If you are working on a Mac Platform,  and not sending a .pdf, please make sure the documents can be opened in a PC environment.

Submit everything as attachments to

Once you have submitted the information on the following form, you will be returned to this page to complete the submission process. To review what attacments we require, click here.


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