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The Creative Arts Academy (CAA)

Study with a professional theatre nationally recognized for its artistic and educational excellence.
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What our parents and students are saying about the Creative Arts Academy:

We applaud you for how well you led the students into working together as a team, despite the variety of interests and personalities of the group.  They respected one another and obviously cared about and valued each person's contribution - a great 'life lesson'!"

     - - -  The Youth Troupe and their parents

"I had a lot of fun here for three years so far and I hope to have more in the coming years."

     - - -  Student, Summer Camp class


CAA classes emphasize high-quality professional writing and performance skills, but our focus is on the whole student. Not everyone aspires to be a full-time artist, but hands-on work in the arts can change the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.  It brings confidence and creativity to everything we do. It builds tolerance, empathy, and patience, and helps us get along better with others. Student success in school has been linked to arts participation, and the arts encourage the creative and holistic problem-solving skills required in the 21st Century job market.

CAA instructors are highly experienced, professional artists who are perceptive and dynamic in the classrom, who understand the value of art for the whole person, and who love to share their knowledge and the joy of creation with their students.

We teach classes year round to children and teens in a multitude of disciplines including creative dramatics, playwriting, acting, and musical performance. Every class ends with a presentation of work for family and friends. Students are encouraged to take a class multiple times as each semester will have a different focus and build new skills.  Classes are designed for age-appropriate groups, so that children in similar development ranges are working together in a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment.

Summer Classes are designed to work around busy vacation schedules, with five two-week sessions during the day in both morning and afternoon sessions between late June and late August. We also offer two sessions of two-week full-day "Summer Camp" classes in July.

Customized Classes can be created for students in all disciplines. Classes range from one-on-one coaching work to small groups, including groups like homeschool associations, Girl Scout Troops, etc.

Adult classes meet year round, and include playwriting, poetry, prose, acting and mor

CAA Summer Internships are available for College and High School Students. For more information, click here.




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